The Hispanic Chamber of Columbus has accomplished many things thanks to the support of our community, Central Ohio Residents and Chamber Members. Today, we host our annual State of the Hispanic Chamber event for our Non-Profit, Government Agencies and Officials, and learn the challenges other organizations or agencies may face, how we can collaborate, and how we can ensure that Columbus continues to be one of the best places to live.

In 2014 Forbes named Columbus the number one place to live in and make your mark! That still continues to be true, we are seeing new businesses pop up, talent from Los Angeles and New York move to pursue careers in Fashion & Design, Entertainment, and Music than any  other Major Metropolitan. Our population of 800,000 is steadily growing, big corporations are being courted such as Hyperloop and Amazon. Our great city continues to fight to ensure its MLS Club stays home where it belongs, and business and booming!

2017 marked the end of our Board Officers, President Claudia Y. De Leon, Vice President Cesar Bravo, Treasurer Rolando Medrano, and Secretary Andrew Martinez. Elections were held and members of the chamber agreed that under this leadership the chamber has grown, and accomplished many of its 2017 objectives. Each member was re-elected to its position for another 2 year term.

On the legislative side, our sister chambers across the state and ourselves gathered to stand against the damaging effects of Occupational Licensing bills, SB115, HB164 & HB339. A year long process that squashed two bills and was able to turn SB115 around into a beneficial bill that protects consumers from Shady Fly By Roofing Contractors, while protecting legitimate business owners, and its employees from additional scrutiny and unnecessary regulations.

On the educational side, our Education Committee was able to have another great year of our Managing Your Business Series helping more start up and growing businesses help gain the tools and resources they will need in order to be successful. As such we are able to further extend this program into three levels in the 2018 year, our Managing Your Business: Start Up Accelerator, for Minority Business Owners who are just starting out to go through a Business 101 Educational Course to help prepare them for the challenges and successes they will soon be facing. Our standard Managing Your Business Series for existing small business owners looking to expand or gain new skills to help grow their business, and our Managing Your Business Series: MPS Series which will give business owners who go through the program the HCC accreditation in Marketing, Politics and Social Media for Business skills, helping new, existing small and large businesses stay up to date with all the latest trends, legislation and tools to keep their business at the forefront of the market.

We are also extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Denison University, creating the Denison University Chamber Development Center, which will focus on providing its Global Commerce Students with additional more in-depth experience and workshops for those looking to enter Corporate America at a young age and make a splash, or start their business and apply their newfound knowledge to help lay down the ground work to success. Similar to our MYB Series, Denison Students will be able to get an all around experience with programs 2-3 hours on a bi-weekly basis to help lay that foundation.

Our next big strive is our commitment to various causes in Central Ohio, starting with the chambers commitment to end the Gender Pay Gap and signing onto the Columbus Commitment with the Women’s Commission, our next commitment is to providing our aid, support and resources in fighting the tragic Opioids epidemic that has plagued our city. Joining Nationwide, The Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce, The City of Columbus, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, City Prosecutor Zach Klein, Franklin County, Franklin county commissioner John O’ Grady, Amy O’ Grady, Maryhaven Rehabilitation Center, and other amazing organizations and businesses working towards putting an end to this epidemic.

The Chamber cannot thank you enough for your support and we wish you all the best in your own endeavors, if there is ANYTHING we can do to help your business or organization please do not hesitate to ask. this is your chamber, and we are what you make of it!

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