5 Effective Ways to Stop Wasting Time On The Internet

5 Effective Ways to Stop Wasting Time On The Internet

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Internet kills your time faster than anything else.At a single click, you can watch your favorite TV episodes back to back, stalk your friends on Facebook and get stuck in the rabbit hole that is YouTube. It’s like a never-ending rollercoaster of distraction.What people don’t realize is that excessive internet surfing works just like any other addiction. It hacks the reward system in our brain and makes us feel unmotivated to engage in real world activities – socializing, exercise, working – the things that fuel personal growth.

In fact, internet addiction has a strong impact on stress, depression, and anxiety.

Here are five ways to stop wasting time on the internet:

1. Set Strict Boundaries For Online Work

Set a time frame for work only e.g. 7AM – 4PM.  You can have free time before or after this set time. Every time you stick to this plan you are developing strength, developing a habit after a week or two it will come naturally. If it’s hard, work in short, 20-to-30-minute long stretches. Do not check access distractions in between but allow your self to get and and walk for 30 seconds or get a glass of water. Re-focus and get back to it.

You can use a timer (or install it on your computer) and keep it in front of you while working. It will remind you that you have limited time.

In addition, you can use online tools to stop wasting time on the internet. Internet blockers such as StayFocusd, Self Control, Leechblock and News Feed Eradicator For Facebook can help you focus and remain in that flow state for as long as possible.

2. Take A Day-Long Break From Technology

You are more than the websites you browse. Go out on the weekend for the whole day. Go out with your friends, or if you like to be alone – sit in a park, read books, meet new people.

Movement creates energy and like attracts like. So when you’re out and about, you’ll attract dynamic energy, people, and things into your life that will make you feel fulfilled and excited for this one life you’ve got. And as a result, you’ll stop wasting time on the internet when you go back to your computer.

Stagnation attracts stagnation and blocks growth and rejuvenation. Internet stagnates your energy since it makes you live inside your own head. You don’t want to live inside your own head for 6-10 hours a day, do you? Yet most people do.

3. Make It Hard To Access

A simple fact about behavior is that we do what’s easier to do when given an option. That’s the reason most people press the snooze button or don’t workout at least three days a week.

So to use this knowledge to your advantage, make all online distractions hard to reach. Use blockers for social media, change your passwords, and put your phone far away from you while you’re working if you really want to stop wasting time on the internet.

The WiFi is turned on 24×7 in most homes and that’s the reason people get addicted. Make a habit of turning it off for a set time period in the evening. For example, you don’t need the WiFi 3-4 hours before sleep. You should spend that time with family and friends. This will also increase your sleep quality immensely and in turn your productivity.

4. Build Your Self-Control Muscles With Small Commitments

Staying away from the internet is like fighting any other temptation. When you have self-control and are grounded inside yourself, you don’t need to drink, smoke, binge eat, or keep wasting time on the internet to escape uncomfortable feelings and physical sensations.

To build self-control, make small commitments and sacrifices. Don’t eat your favorite snack or eat it without your favorite sauce. Take cold showers instead of hot baths. Decide to stay away from the internet just for thirty minutes every evening. Such small acts of mental toughness will forge your inner stability bit by bit.

5. Create A Life Outside of The Internet

According to Brian Tracy, a renowned personal development guru, the only way to eradicate the bad from your life is to add the good. So if you want to get rid of internet surfing, add activities that will revitalize your spirit.

There are many healthy activities you can add – spend time in the park, reading, socializing with friends and family, engaging in your hobbies, working out, cooking your own food, writing in your journal, and so on.

Source: Fearless Motivation.com

The State of the Chamber

The State of the Chamber

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The Hispanic Chamber of Columbus has accomplished many things thanks to the support of our community, Central Ohio Residents and Chamber Members. Today, we host our annual State of the Hispanic Chamber event for our Non-Profit, Government Agencies and Officials, and learn the challenges other organizations or agencies may face, how we can collaborate, and how we can ensure that Columbus continues to be one of the best places to live.

In 2014 Forbes named Columbus the number one place to live in and make your mark! That still continues to be true, we are seeing new businesses pop up, talent from Los Angeles and New York move to pursue careers in Fashion & Design, Entertainment, and Music than any  other Major Metropolitan. Our population of 800,000 is steadily growing, big corporations are being courted such as Hyperloop and Amazon. Our great city continues to fight to ensure its MLS Club stays home where it belongs, and business and booming!

2017 marked the end of our Board Officers, President Claudia Y. De Leon, Vice President Cesar Bravo, Treasurer Rolando Medrano, and Secretary Andrew Martinez. Elections were held and members of the chamber agreed that under this leadership the chamber has grown, and accomplished many of its 2017 objectives. Each member was re-elected to its position for another 2 year term.

On the legislative side, our sister chambers across the state and ourselves gathered to stand against the damaging effects of Occupational Licensing bills, SB115, HB164 & HB339. A year long process that squashed two bills and was able to turn SB115 around into a beneficial bill that protects consumers from Shady Fly By Roofing Contractors, while protecting legitimate business owners, and its employees from additional scrutiny and unnecessary regulations.

On the educational side, our Education Committee was able to have another great year of our Managing Your Business Series helping more start up and growing businesses help gain the tools and resources they will need in order to be successful. As such we are able to further extend this program into three levels in the 2018 year, our Managing Your Business: Start Up Accelerator, for Minority Business Owners who are just starting out to go through a Business 101 Educational Course to help prepare them for the challenges and successes they will soon be facing. Our standard Managing Your Business Series for existing small business owners looking to expand or gain new skills to help grow their business, and our Managing Your Business Series: MPS Series which will give business owners who go through the program the HCC accreditation in Marketing, Politics and Social Media for Business skills, helping new, existing small and large businesses stay up to date with all the latest trends, legislation and tools to keep their business at the forefront of the market.

We are also extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Denison University, creating the Denison University Chamber Development Center, which will focus on providing its Global Commerce Students with additional more in-depth experience and workshops for those looking to enter Corporate America at a young age and make a splash, or start their business and apply their newfound knowledge to help lay down the ground work to success. Similar to our MYB Series, Denison Students will be able to get an all around experience with programs 2-3 hours on a bi-weekly basis to help lay that foundation.

Our next big strive is our commitment to various causes in Central Ohio, starting with the chambers commitment to end the Gender Pay Gap and signing onto the Columbus Commitment with the Women’s Commission, our next commitment is to providing our aid, support and resources in fighting the tragic Opioids epidemic that has plagued our city. Joining Nationwide, The Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce, The City of Columbus, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, City Prosecutor Zach Klein, Franklin County, Franklin county commissioner John O’ Grady, Amy O’ Grady, Maryhaven Rehabilitation Center, and other amazing organizations and businesses working towards putting an end to this epidemic.

The Chamber cannot thank you enough for your support and we wish you all the best in your own endeavors, if there is ANYTHING we can do to help your business or organization please do not hesitate to ask. this is your chamber, and we are what you make of it!

The End Of Summer Event With The Hispanic Chamber Of Columbus

The End Of Summer Event With The Hispanic Chamber Of Columbus

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The End Of Summer Event With The Hispanic Chamber Of Columbus

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the participants who attended this great event in which people made new connections, enjoyed great food, learned about business and job opportunities with the Ohio Department of Transportation and above all had a great time in this vibrant evening.

If you want to be part of this growing business community don’t miss our next event in September 13th with “Managing Your Business Series” and the “Workforce Career Fair and Cultural Celebration”


Summer Networking With Ohio Department Of Transportation

Summer Networking With Ohio Department Of Transportation

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Summer Networking With Ohio Department Of Transportation

Ever thought of landing a work contract with the state or what are the licenses and deadlines in place to be awarded one? How about learning more about job opportunities and certifications available to help you with a job offer? Join us for a networking event where we will host a presentation of How to Do Business with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and their Seasonal Job Opportunities. We are honored to have Terry Bolden, Administrator, from ODOT Office of Outreach, Lynn Stevens, Regional Outreach Manager, ODOT Office of Outreach, and Mitch Blackford, Deputy Director, ODOT District 6.



¿Alguna vez a pensado en conseguir un contrato de trabajo con el estado de Ohio o cuáles son las licencias y los plazos en efecto para ser otorgado con uno? ¿Estas interesado en aprender más sobre oportunidades de trabajo y certificaciones disponibles para ayudarle con una oferta de trabajo? Únase a nosotros para un evento de networking, donde vamos a tener una presentación de Cómo hacer negocios con el Departamento de Transporte de Ohio (ODOT) y sus oportunidades de empleo temporales. Tenemos el honor de contar con Terry Bolden, Administradora, de la Oficina de Extensión de ODOT, Lynn Stevens, Gerente Regional de Extensión, Oficina de Extensión ODOT, y Mitch Blackford, Director Adjunto del Distrito 6 de ODOT.