Many people dream of the freedom of owning their own business, only to feel shackled by the challenges they face once the business is up and running. In fact, US Small Business Administration data shows that while about 66% of small businesses with employees make it at least two years, just 50% are able to stay operational for five years, and 33% stay open for 10 years. Among the reasons many small businesses could struggle are insufficient capital, poor cash-flow management, lack of a sound business plan, as well as marketing and human resources challenges such as hiring people, attracting new customers and retaining existing customers.

To add to this, our membership can at times struggle with cultural differences, understanding the process, and even with fully comprehending everything in English. This series will be set up panel style with experts in the fields of Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Community Engagement and Organization. All panels will have someone available to translate and some panels, as requested by membership demand, will be held only in Spanish.


The goal is to share insights and connect small business owners with the resources they need to overcome these challenges.

Past Presenters: Christian Gonzalez from Dinsmore & Shohol lLP, Sarah Perez of Perez & Morris , Fernando Bergas-Coria of Black Banner Consulting, Victor Zancudo of Primerica, Natasha Pongonis of The Nativa, Monica Pelaez of Kable Staffing, Jorge Pabon of JP Tax and Bookeeping, Jason McBride and Michael Childs from Fifth Third Bank.